Homeopathic remedies list

homeopathic remedies list

Fear (thunderstorms for example anxiety, and restlessness are hallmarks of an Aconite patient. The symptoms are always worse at night. It is also an excellent first aid remedy for an eye injury. Aconite is used mostly at the beginning of an injury or illness. As the symptoms change with the bodies efforts to restore balance we often move on to another remedy. Pulsatilla (Wind Flower for any thick, profuse, yellowish, bland discharge from eyes, nose, mouth or vulva.

Ruta graveolens (rue-bitterwort It is most useful when there is tearing of ligaments at the bone attachment (as in a splint). . pain in the bones of the feet and ankle, bruised bones, and restlessness are rechterheup all indications for Ruta Graveolens. Also indicated for tendons (especially flexors ligaments and joints. Thuja occidentalis (Arbor Vitae otherwise known as the tree of life, thuja is a great remedy kogellamp for skin problems such as warts, sarcoid tumors, polypi, freckles and blotches. It also helps counteract the effects of vaccinations. Has been found to strengthen soft, brittle nails and hooves. Sulphur (Sublimated Sulpher The great anti-psoric, sulpher is another remedy for skin problems, especially itchy skin. Hot, burning, itchy skin with dry and hard hair does well with Sulphur. Nose is red and scabby, ears may also be red and infected. Sulphur patients do not want to be near heat or to be bathed, and their head and hands are often hot. Aconite (Monkswood fear, fevers, sore throats, influenza with a painful, croupy cough that has come on suddenly will do well with Aconite.

homeopathic remedies list
stimulate the body to resorb fibrous tissue and liberate infection or a foreign object such as a sliver of wood, etc. Silicea can help decrease even old scars. A wound will often progress from needing Hepar or Ledum to silicea when it is cold and no longer painful. It is useful for scar tissue in the eyes, thrush, and fungal infections of the foot. Rhus tox (Poison ivy for sprains, tendon and ligament injuries i always give arnica first, then after the pain and swelling are down I switch to Rhus Tox. It is also helpful in many arthritic conditions which present as hot painful swelling of the joints. Rhus Tox patients are always better when moving, in warm dry weather, and get worse when resting and in cold, damp weather.
homeopathic remedies list

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It relieves pain after surgery and. Boericke materia medica, he says it quite supersedes the use of Morphia after operations. Calendula officinalis (Marigold Useful for open wounds, ulcers and promotes healthy granulation tissue and therefore rapid healing by first intention. I use it topically in my wound cleanse and as an ointment or cream, however it is also used as an internal remedy for coryza, hoarseness, and cough with greenish expectoration. Ledum (Marsh oorzaak tea excellent for puncture wounds by sharp pointed objects or bites. Also used for gouty rheumatism that begins in the feet and causes pain traveling upward through the limb. Ledum wounds are very painful and feel better with cold or cold water. Hepar sulpheris calcareum (Calcium Sulphide for signs of infection, this is a wonderful remedy to help remove contaminants such as pus and dirt or foreign objects from wounds.

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homeopathic remedies list

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homeopathic remedies list

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Travel acute care remedies: our most recommended. Remedies for bites, bruises, colds, cuts, first aid, injuries, fu, sore throat, trauma, stings, etc. Download Free list of Best Homeopathic Remedies For Travel! Homeopathic remedies, acute issues: Lower potencies more frequently. Chronic issues: Higher potencies less frequently. Arnica montana (Leopards Bane i use Arnica more than any other homeopathic remedy, before and after any surgery, soft tissue trauma, bruises, sprains, lacerations, concussions, or ulcerations. It is also excellent for overuse injuries to muscles. Basically it is for any soft tissue injury, and my equine patients seem to have a lot of them! Johns Wort Use for any injuries to nerves, especially on the ends of digits (toes) or more superficial nerve endings that may be associated with a cut or a bite.

Homeopathic remedies list
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    Lachesis is chiefly a left-sided remedy which is followed well by Arsen alb.; Calcarea carbonicum; Carbo veg.; Hepar sulph;  Lycopodium;  Mitric acidum; Phosphorous; Zinc iodide. Arum Triphyllum (Jack in the pulpit; Indian Turnip). It is useful to use either before or after Hepar sulph, Psorinum, sulphur, and Tub. .

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    Complementary homeopathic Remedies :  The complementaries which have been found to be most effective for each given remedy are highlighted in the list which follows. . Ailments It Treats, aconitum napellus (aconite angina, anxiety, arrhythmia, asthma, heart failure, postoperative pain, allium cepa. List Of Complementary homeopathic Remedies And Sequences: This table is more or less a replica of that given by harvey farrington,. Singhal complements Carbo veg.

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