Pixie cut

pixie cut

Gosh, who knew you could look so much like justin bieber or Ronald McDonald? No, no, that's really not bad. In fact, maybe it's exactly as you hoped. Maybe this is the most feminine you've ever felt, with your ears peeking out and your long, lovely neck finally free to feel the breeze as you walk to the counter, pay, tip, and thank your hairdresser for a job well done. You may vacillate this way for a while (and no worries if you do, this is a big change, and may take a while to process or after a few quick seconds of testing your emotions, you could know immediately whether you're a whole new. Elation Or Depression, depending on where you landed in the previous stage, you're about to experience a wave of great elation, or potentially pretty difficult depression. If you're lucky, your new pixie perfectly suits you. It highlights the aspects of your face that you love, and somehow, seems to echo each sweet, playful note of your exquisitely unique personality.

Sheesh, time for a sip of that water and a deep breath. Relinquishing Control, finally, you close your eyes and take a few moments to get centered, trusting that you're in good hands. You trust your stylist, she/he knows what you're looking for, and there's not much you can do at this point beyond trying to enjoy the scheenbeen ride. Let's see where this goes. The delicate dance between love and Hate. Here's where the road forks. One universal truth that applies to any drastic change to your physical appearance is that eventually, you'll decide that you either love it, or hate. As the last strands tumble onto the cloak your hairstylist so kindly placed over you, and you examine the way your pixie cut exposes all of your features, emotions sites will be running pretty high. Tears might be welling in your eyes, or a goofy grin could be spreading slowly across your face. Perhaps you're straightening your spine, feeling much more demure and polished, or maybe you're sincerely afraid of leaving that chair.

pixie cut
cut, and you didn't even flinch. You're feeling lighter already. Confidence, ok, so there you are, right about bob length, and everything seems to be going swimmingly. Sure, it took a while to grow out, and it looked lovely, but man, this bob looks fun too. And hey, you've probably been here before. Isn't it time for something really striking? Go on, hair reaper, go shorter, i've got this. Sheer Panic, while the next few layers of hair cascade down around your shoulders and fall, limp into your lap, your stomach turns, and a rather uncomfortable knot grows in your throat. Your eyes dart nervously about the salon, watching for some reaction, some clue as to whether what you're feeling inside matches what the world around you is watching.
pixie cut

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Warming Up, no matter how long you've been toying with the idea of opeens getting a pixie cut, you're gonna need a little more time to warm up to actually taking the plunge. That time could beauty be spent at home, browsing the Internet for photos of pixies, asking yourself, "What if?" Or, it could be a whole lot of nervous thumb twiddling and hand rest clenching as you climb into your hair stylist's chair. More than likely, though, you've put in a few days (or a few months) of research, asking your nearest and dearest a few dozen times whether or not they think the pixie is a good idea. Excitement, this. Everyone who thought you should has been hyping you up for days, and anyone who thought you shouldn't? This is your day, baby. The calm Before The Storm.

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Those people will always exist. But its not your job to satisfy everyone in the world, and you dont owe anyone to look any kind of way. When I meet people like that nowadays, and I catch them glaring at my hair, i just smile as annoyingly wide as I can. If someone is so judgemental that they cant like me if I have the hairstyle i want, then I dont want them in my life anyway. If I get a rude comment (or worse, a backhanded compliment i usually just reply with a breezy oh, well, i like. That tends to do the trick. Sometimes, though, we simply cant avoid those pixie sceptics. You might have a lover that isnt very enthusiastic about them, for instance; in that case Id have a good talk about why they feel this way, and why you think you would love having that haircut.

pixie cut

Unlike personal style, lifestyle and where we live is something we cant always control. Humidity can cause frizz, lots of rain means a straightened pixie can spring out of shape again, and if you make your living out of something that means youre pretty much always working out in some way, your normally gorgeous pixie can look sweaty most. I think the easiest way to klimatyzacji work with your surroundings is to get a pixie that keeps styling at a minimum, because that means your hair will probably look the same pretty much all the time. If in doubt, write down the things you normally do in a week, and see how many of them can sabotage a pixie. Such things can be swimming, getting sweaty, rolling around in a bed, being outside in crazy weather. My personal solutions are hats/umbrellas for outside, slicking it back (completely wet) when swimming, and making it even more messy if theres no way i can tame.

Also, remember that a pixie will probably require more frequent trims than long hair, so your budget has to have room for that. A few words on washing and styling the pixie before we continue. When I had long hair, Id wash it about every three days or so, because my scalp is sensitive and my hair just seemed to prefer it that way. With the pixie, though, i wash it every other day, and every day if I need to use a lot of products. Preferably, ill just use a little bit of gel/something sticky after a shower, but as it grows longer and I need to add more goo, ill have to wash it more often. What will people think? Yeah, so, heres the thing: some people just dont like pixies on girls/women.

Pixie cut - pretty designs

Im plus size, after all, and no, it doesnt make my head look freakishly small compared to the size of my body. I also think a pixie can look killer if you have a muscular, more masculine body (and even like to go makeup-free as long as the pixie-wearer likes her own look. I mean, how awesome is this and this, for instance? In short, when it comes to questions about your face and body, i say that pretty much anyone can make it work, as long as youre comfortable with all aspects of you being very visible. Nothing to hide behind with a pixie, remember? Style and lifestyle, so, i think weve established that my general attitude is that the pixie isnt only suitable for a very narrow kind of person, hurrah!

Its a bit the same when it comes to personal style but I do think the pixie looks best if you have a somewhat defined style. By that I mean that the pixie usually does make a statement of some kind, and if the clothes and accessories below it look a bit confused, without direction, then the pixie can look out of place. It looks especially good with anything that plays on the contrast between masculinity and femininity, such as the gamine or an androgynous style, but can also look lovely on anything from a nerdy, almost mousy girl, to a punk babe, to just a very casual. Dont be put off if you feel rather confused, style-wise, though, because a pixie can be a wonderful inspiration to reconsider and refine your style. As for age, i dont think a pixie has any limits there. With fear of repeating myself: as long as you are comfortable with your features and with yourself, a pixie can definitely work for you.

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A good hair stylist should be able to come up with suggestions on how to adapt a pixie style to suit your texture. Face and body, when it comes to facial shapes, the general rule out on the Internet seems to be that if you have anything resembling a round face, you need to avoid the pixie like the devil. In fact, i think a pixie tends to look better on those with soft, curvy faces, than on those with a long, slim face, for instance, because it creates such a lovely contrast between a very feminine face and that short, boyish hair. If you do have a long, slim face, you can still do the pixie, just remember that you might want to add some more traditionally feminine elements hair (like lipstick or lots of mascara) if youre afraid of it looking too masculine. In fact, when it comes to hair and facial shapes, its all to do with proportions, so if you have a very wide forehead and very narrow chin, you probably dont want to have a very fluffy, voluminous pixie. In that case, a more close-cropped pixie will be better, because it can balance the shape of your face. The pixie does push all your facial features center stage, though, so there wont be much to hide behind kilimanjaro any more. You dont need the perfect brows/nose/skin/whatever (perfect anything is such a myth anyway but I think you will feel more comfortable in a pixie if youre generally comfortable with your own face. As for the body, the Internet says only for really, really skinny, but still feminine fairies, and I say for anyone who wants a pixie.

pixie cut

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Dont fret, darlings, Ill help you figure it all out. Lets start with, well, your starting point, and things to consider. Hair type, if youre looking for that classic pixie that has been worn by mia farrow, Emma watson and oh-so many others, itll probably require the least amount of styling if your hair is relatively straight, and neither very thick nor very thin. The individual strands can be amsterdam quite fine/thin, but if your hair in general is very thin, theres a possibility that a lot of your scalp will be visible with hair this short. If your hair doesnt fit these requirements, here are some good news: you can definitely still have a pixie. Karlas Closet has rather curly/wavy hair, for instance, and it looked wonderful on her. Just remember that half the charm with the pixie is that its so care-free and easy, so it shouldnt require an hour of styling on an everyday basis.

Will a pixie suit me? Will it work with my hair and lifestyle? What will my think? Will it look good with my facial shape and body? Will I look too masculine? Am I too old for a pixie? Will I perish shampoo with frustration when I want to grow it long again?

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Like many women, knowing how difficult it can be to grow out a pixie cut always spared me from discovering the emotional stages of cutting long hair into a pixie firsthand. But deriving inspiration from the leading ladies of pixie past, like audrey hepburn, natalie portman, Emma watson, rihanna, and of course, beyoncé, scores of women have made the leap from long locks to short. Many women consider pixie cuts to be the ultimate form of flawlessly chic hair, but that doesn't mean the transition is without some extreme emotional adjustment. Personally, i've had short haircuts before — this isn't entirely my first rodeo — but some time early this past spring I decided welke this was the year I would finally give a true pixie cut a try. My over 16 inch long mane was lovely, and I had spent the past two years growing it out to reach mid-back glory. But it was starting to give me headaches if I didn't put it up correctly (I wore it up most days, to avoid overheating in the summer and as most women with long hair will attest to, trying to sleep with anything longer than shoulder. So, at the end of last week, i joined the ranks of women who have gone under the clippers in search of the perfect pixie. As i've since discovered, losing your long locks can be pretty emotional, even for those of us who like to imagine we're mentally prepared. Thus, for the sake of any woman considering the drastic transition from long hair to a pixie cut, i present you with the emotional stages of getting a pixie cut.

Pixie cut
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    Choosing the correct styling products are also important to take into consideration. There is a lot of texture in this cut which allows for more volume and fun look. Dannii minogue pixie haircut most Popular Short haircut for Mature women /Tumblr. Rock hard Gel (although feels like more of a cream) from Oribe is great for this style.

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    Start slow and know your own parameters. This is an edgy pixie cut with some sass, depending on how you want to wear. Step out of your comfort zone!

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    The color accentuates the cut and takes it to the next level. My favorite thing about this haircut is how textured and piecey it is, making it super easy for the client to style. If you are not a big fan of headbands and ribbons but you want to spice up your look, small barrettes and clips are the best option.

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